What Products and Services Does Otis Elevator Company Offer?

What Products and Services Does Otis Elevator Company Offer?

The Otis Elevator Company offers products and services that include elevators, escalators and moving walkways, and maintenance and monitoring services. The company also offers upgraded cosmetic and safety equipment, such as door locks, elevator phones and emergency unlocking devices. Cosmetic upgrades include specially designed cab interiors and stylish lighting.

Otis elevator products provide a unique advantage because they do not require separate machine rooms and can be easily installed in small spaces. These elevators include low-rise, hydraulic HyrdroFit systems that travel up to three stories at a top speed of 125 feet-per-minute, and medium-rise, gear-free Gen2 systems that travel up to 30 stories at 500 feet-per minute. Otis also offers a gear-free Skyview system that rises up to 1,000 feet and travels at 1,200 feet-per-minute.

Otis also provides Trav-O-Lator escalators and moving walkways for commercial and public applications in shopping plazas, airports, casinos and hotels. These systems feature low-profile balustrades, safety glass, self lubricating gears, and numerous options for design, lighting and finishes.

Otis maintenance solutions include management systems that monitor elevator usage and determine when replacements parts and service are needed. These systems provide web-based remote access and real-time, animated interfaces. Advanced systems can track up to 30 elevators and escalators at one time.

Efficiency systems enable elevators to respond more effectively to rider usage patterns and passenger demands. They effectively ease lobby congestion and overcrowding in cars, and substantially reduce waiting times. Otis also offers sophisticated monitoring systems that provide constant surveillance, remote management and graphical interfaces.