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Central Pneumatic is the line of machinist and automotive tools from Harbor Freight that involve the use of compressed air to accomplish tasks with tools such as nail guns, ratchets or power sanders. It includes both different models of compressors as well as the different attachments and materials for each job, with all parts featuring a limited warranty on service performance, as of 2015.

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Harbor Freight Tools launched the Central Pneumatic line of tools in 1982 to provide a greater focus on the needs and demands of its machine shop customers. The line begins with several different models of base air compressors that include different capacities and air pressure ratings. These devices feature a special motor that draws in air and pressurizes it so that the owner may attach special tools that utilize the air as the main driving force. Each listing for compressors on HarborFreight.com includes details about the capacity, typically in gallons, and the PSI rating, which relates to the amount of force it produces.

The company also makes different tools that function with its compressors, as well as those from other manufacturers, with nail guns being among the most popular. These devices use the pressurized air to force nails from a clip out of the gun and into a surface, removing the need for a traditional hammer. The Central Pneumatic line also features other types of compressor attachments, along with hoses and special materials for each item.

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