What Products Does Reyes Holdings Distribute?


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Reyes Holdings distributes wholesale beer and food products to retailers around the world. As of 2015, the company has distribution warehouses around the world and employs more than 16,000 workers. Reyes Holdings ranked number 12 in the October 2014 Forbes list of largest private companies.

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Reyes Holdings consists of three business divisions. Martin-Brower specializes in the distribution of food products and is the largest distributor serving the McDonald's chain. Reinhart Foodservice supplies fresh food, including produce and meats, to much of the United States. It also delivers equipment and supplies to businesses around the country. The Reyes Beverage Group operates in 17 major U.S. markets and distributes a variety of beer brands from craft and corporate makers, including Dogfish Head and Pabst.

Reyes Holdings was founded in the 1970s when three members of the Reyes family purchased a South Carolina beer distributorship for under $1 million. In 2014, Forbes reported company sales of $23 billion. With the exception of the chief financial officer, members of the Reyes family continued as of July 2015 to fill the company's executive leadership positions.

In June 2015, the Coca-Cola Company announced it had closed an agreement that granted a Reyes subsidiary distribution rights to the greater Chicago and northwest Indiana territories.

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