What Are Some Products Only Made in Michigan?

What Are Some Products Only Made in Michigan?

Some products only made in Michigan are the BOSS snowplow, Detroit Denim jeans, Faygo beverages and Jiffy Mix. Iverson snowshoes and Wolverine footwear are also products produced only in Michigan.

BOSS is located in Iron Mountain at the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. With innovation and experience, the company manufacturers some of the best snowplows in the world. A third-generation family leads BOSS, and the company continues to expand and launch new products as well as grow its Michigan operations.

Eric Yelsma founded Detroit Denim, and the company makes high-quality jeans by hand with great attention to detail. Its jeans feature details such as pure raw copper buttons, and the company also offers a full menu of jean repair services.

Since 1907, Faygo has been crafting fizzy, fruity and delicious beverages in Detroit. The company first debuted with three flavors -- grape, strawberry and fruit punch -- and as of 2015 produces over 50 flavors of pop.

Jiffy Mix, introduced in 1930 by Mabel White Holmes of the Chelsea Milling Company, is a prepared baking mix. The Chelsea mill still produces the mixes, with cake mixes, frosting mixes and more available in grocery stores all around the country. Wolverine, established in Rockford in 1883, crafts high-quality footwear for the American worker.