What Are Some Products Offered by Popular EBay Sellers Based in Toronto?

Some products offered by popular eBay sellers in Toronto include sports memorabilia, sports photos and special event tickets. Some of the top sellers that are based in Toronto include VIP Sports Photos, Kangaroo and Center Ice Collectibles.

One of the top Toronto-based eBay shops is VIP Sports Photos. This shop offers a variety of professional and fully-licensed photos from different sports games. Sports include NFL, NHL, WWE, NCAA, MLB and MLS. The shop has more than 300,000 photos and prints, including framed photos. They also include canvas prints in the shop. VIP Sports Photos offers free shipping on all items.

Kangaroo is another popular eBay seller in Toronto, Canada. This shop sells tickets to different events, including sports games, concerts, orchestras and other theater and arts events. It also has tickets for events like shows at various casinos and Cirque De Soleil.

Center Ice Collectibles is also a sports-related shop, though they only specialize in hockey. The shop has their own website and sells on eBay. This shop sells hockey cards from all the different hockey leagues, including approximately a million cards in stock. Categories include hockey sets, McDonald’s sets and Minor/Junior sets. Some of their hockey cards are sold individually, particularly the rare or valuable ones. Others are sold in small or large sets.