What Are Some Products Offered by Celtic Insurance?


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Celtic Insurance provides mainly individual health insurance products, which include Celtic Basic health plan, CelticCare Preferred health plan and CelticSaver HSA, as reported by Hoovers. The company offers dental insurance and life insurance, as well as Medicare Advantage and Medicare prescription drugs for seniors, according to Health Insurance Outlet.

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The Celtic Basic health plan supplies a low-cost, basic health insurance coverage and is considered to be one of the leading individual health insurance plans in the industry, claims HealthPlanOne. This plan offers deductibles and options, such as a 80/20 coinsurance and a prescription drug option. It is suitable for young single people, the self-employed and anyone who seeks affordable health coverage.

The CelticCare Preferred health plan is a complete plan designed for children, adults and families. With an option of 80/20 or 100 percent coinsurance, it provides more flexible coverage. It also offers additional options such as a prescription drug option, a managed indemnity option and a supplemental accident option, as well as a wider range of deductibles, reports PR Newswire.

CelticSaver HSA is a high-deductible, major medical coverage plan with the option of opening a health savings account. Deductibles have a wide range, up to $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for families, says HealthPlanOne. The applicant can also choose from 80/20 or 100 percent coinsurance. In addition, there is a pro option as well as a managed indemnity one.

Celtic Insurance provides temporary health coverage, as stated by PR Newswire. There are two plans designed for that purpose, the Celtic PostGrad and the Celtic short-term health plan, which supply a comprehensive medical policy covering one to six months, with the option to reapply.

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