What Products Does Mr. Gasket Have for Sale?


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Mr. Gasket sells a variety of automotive parts including head gaskets, exhaust gaskets, fuel pumps, intake gaskets and air filters, as of 2015. It also sells air scoops, water neck products, valve cover gaskets, automotive care chemicals and apparel for its brand, all of which are available through its online store at Mr-Gasket.com.

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The majority of the parts Mr. Gasket sells are gaskets, which are special metal items that sit between different parts of the engine to provide a seal between the components. Each type of gasket serves a unique purpose within the engine, and the company organizes its products according to these purposes. Customers visiting the company's site, Mr-Gasket.com, can access a Products page that features links to its full inventory selection along with pages of its current catalogs and details about its retail partners. The Product Categories page features a visual example of the type of product that appears within that section, with each section comprising of a segment of the company's full inventory.

The individual product categories on the site feature listings for the different options available according to style and function, with some products featuring different colors that appear as separate listings. Product listings also include links to other retailers that carry that item and include a short description of its purpose and features along with pictures of the unit.

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