What Are Some Products That Are Made From Wood?


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Furniture, flooring, fencing and paper are products that are made from wood. All these products can also be made from other materials, but the wood versions are typically considered superior in both aesthetics and function.

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Solid wood furniture is made from a variety of hardwoods including oak, walnut and cherry. This type of furniture construction is usually more expensive than other furniture, but well-crafted items can last for generations. Wood is commonly used for dining tables and chairs, cabinets, hutches, end tables and bedroom sets.

Hardwood and laminate wood flooring are very popular design elements in many homes. The warmth and elegance of hardwood flooring's natural surface should age well and can be refinished and stained to alter its coloring. Laminate floor gives a tough and durable surface for high traffic households.

Wood fencing is also used for its aesthetic value and functionality. Wood types commonly used include pine, spruce and red cedar. Fencing options range from tall functional privacy fencing to short decoratively shaped picket-style enclosures.

Wood pulp is used for manufacturing most types of papers, including fine papers, business papers and safety paper used for printing checks and other financial instruments. The wood fibers are so flexible that more and more paper is being made from recycled paper, allowing the wood to be reused many times.

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