What Are Some Products Made of Styrofoam?

Some products made out of Styrofoam include coolers, packing peanuts, insulation, mannequin parts and arts and craft products. It is 98% air, lightweight and buoyant. In 1942, the U.S. Coast Guard adopted Styrofoam for use in a six-person raft.

Styrofoam is useful for a variety of crafts, both white and with color. Styrofoam blocks are available for silk flower arrangements.

Styrofoam's R-value, a measurement of thermal resistance, is 5 per square inch, making it popular for use in building insulation, water coolers and drink cups.

There has long been concern about the environmental impact of Styrofoam and its slow breakdown speed. In June 2015 New York outlawed the sale of single-use Styrofoam. Later in the year scientists discovered that a certain breed of meal worm can survive by eating Styrofoam, making them a possible solution to the waste problem.