What Are Some Products Made by Abbott Labs?

What Are Some Products Made by Abbott Labs?

Abbott Labs make a large variety of products from a number of different fields, including nutrition, vision care, diabetes care and pharmaceuticals. From nutritional supplements such as Similac and EleCare, to eye care products such as Blink Tears and RevitaLens, Abbott provides solutions for many different health concerns.

In the field of nutrition, Abbott provides for the dietary needs of both children and adults with products such as Pedialyte and Jevity respectively. The company also produces diagnostic tools such as ARCHITECT cinical chemistry analyzers and immunoassay chemistry tests.

Products from the company's vascular range include stents and valves such as the Acculink Carotid Stent System and the COPILOT Bleedback Control Valve. Abbott also manufactures a large range of catheters, including the Fox Plus PTA.

The company offers an extensive range of vision products, including Technis implantable lenses and the Advanced Laser CustomVue Procedure, which improves the patient's vision through laser eye surgery. The company's WaveScan WaveFront System, which scans the pupil to provide detailed information about the eye before laser eye surgery is undertaken, improves he safety and accuracy of the procedure. Abbott is a major player in the field, with other solutions including glaucoma implants and surgical aids such as the HEALON EndoCoatĀ® OVD.

Abbott is also involved in diabetes care, with products such as the Freestyle Blood Glucose Monitoring System and point-of-care systems. Finally, the company produces a large range of pharmaceuticals, including the Influvac flu vaccine and Teveten tablets, which treat hypertension.