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The Liquor Control Board of Ontario sells a variety of alcoholic beverages, including different types of wines, beer, ciders and distilled spirits such as whisky, tequila and gin. It also sells gift cards for use in its stores and bar accessories such as shot glasses and shakers.

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The Liquor Control Board of Ontario is a government-operated business that sells alcoholic beverages throughout Ontario, Canada, with profits going back to the Ontario government. Beverages are sold both in its physical stores and on its website, LCBO.com. To shop at its online stores, customers begin by choosing a category of alcohol, such as wine, beer or spirits. Under each category are several subcategories, such as white or red wine under the wine section, or ale and lager under the beer section.

After choosing the specific section, users are able to view the different brands of alcohol currently sold by the store. Listings are displayed in a continuous list, with options to sort by factors such as price and the name of the product. Each individual listing contains a picture of the alcohol, along with a description of that general type of product and the specific details of that brand. Listings also contain pricing and shipping information.

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