What Products Does Honeywell Home Security Offer?


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As of March 2015, Honeywell offers a dozen separate products for home security, according to the company's official website. Products include whole-home systems, wireless remotes, 24-hour monitoring, environmental sensors and digital video.

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Honeywell touts its Tuxedo Touch system as a whole-home security network controlled through a touchscreen, voice commands and mobile devices, notes the company's website. This system comes with customizable deadbolt locks that disable a home's security system using keypad inputs. The main control pad lets homeowners alter energy settings to save money on utility bills. The video system allows users to see up to four cameras at once on a television screen.

Environmental sensors from Honeywell detect leaks and extreme temperatures within a home, states the firm's website. These products ideally go in basements, laundry rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. Sensors notify homeowners when something seems amiss to mitigate possible property damage.

Digital video products include live, streaming video viewable inside a home as well as video clips sent to mobile devices, according to Honeywell.com. Customers view video on televisions, control panels, tablet computers and smartphones. Videos monitor pets, entrances, children and property boundaries. Digital videos allow users to find out if children made it home from school on time, if a pet sitter arrived promptly or if someone breaks into a house.

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