What Are Some Products Featured by As Seen On TV?

Products featured by As Seen On TV include the Egg-Tastic microwave egg cooker, Flex Seal, Chillow Pillow, and Drain Wig for the bath or shower. Products that fall under this category feature packaging with a red logo and the words "As Seen On TV" in white writing.

The Egg-Tastic egg cooker cooks poached or scrambled eggs in the microwave in one minute. Its vented lid and ceramic dome enhance heat circulation within the cooker. The Egg-Tastic eliminates much of the mess associated with the process, as eggs are mixed and cooked in the same container without the use of a spatula.

Flex Seal is a liquid rubber sealant that coats, seals and protects. It prevents leaking and can be painted to match its surroundings.

The Chillow Pillow is a pillow pack of water-cooled memory foam that uses circulating water to keep the head cool yet dry while sleeping. It requires neither electricity nor batteries, and it is designed to help those suffering from headaches or fever and women suffering from hot flashes get a better night's sleep.

Drain Wig for the Bathtub and Drain Wig for the Shower both remove clogs of hair that cause stopped-up drains. The apparatus captures hair in the drain and is removed every couple of months and disposed of along with the clog.