What Products Does East Coast Dyes Sell?


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East Coast Dyes sells lacrosse products, including weather-resistant mesh, carbon shafts, stringing supplies, various pieces of apparel and accessories. Its products are sold by vendors such as Dick's Sporting Goods, Universal Lacrosse and LAX World.

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East Coast Dyes offers different types of strings for use in lacrosse nets, including ones that are weather resistant and have a short break-in time. The three highlighted types of mesh for sale are Heromesh, East Coast Mesh and ECM black. Each has its own specifications, with options for both tacky and nontacky surface feel, and each has strengths. The company also produces carbon-composite shafts, a combination that allows the shafts to be lightweight while still retaining high levels of strength and durability. The unique textured grip enhances feel, and gives the user a sense of maximum control when shooting.

In addition to technical equipment, East Coast Dyes also produces apparel, including hats and shirts. In addition, it offers stringing kits and supplies that come in an array of colors, allowing players to customize their equipment and add personal touches to their nets. Small accessories, such as pocket polish, are also available, and can be used to maintain and repair gear that is in need of maintenance or attention.

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