What Products Can You Find at Buchheit in Herculaneum?


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As of August 2015, Buchheit in Herculaneum, Missouri, offers a wide variety of products including clothing, footwear, home and lawn care goods, and hunting equipment. It also offers automotive goods such as refrigerant, trailer jacks and motor oil.

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Buccheit carries various home and lawn care items, such as Apollo wall retaining blocks, fertilizer and garden hoses. The Apollo wall retaining blocks come in various colors: grey, sand, a tan and charcoal blend, and a red and black blend. Fertilizers include bone meal, blood meal and Dutch bulb food along with 12-count packages of Miracle-Gro fertilizer spikes. Buccheit also offers a 40-pound bag of fertilizer that covers 10,000 square feet. One hose that Buccheit sells is a Flexon all-weather medium duty hose with high burst strength and solid brass couplings.

Buccheit offers a variety of hunting products such as traps, which include coil spring traps and dog-proof raccoon traps. The raccoon traps feature a sensitive trigger and straight spade staking systems.

Buccheit also sells archery equipment such as arrows, crossbows, targets and range finders. One available model is the Barnett Jackal crossbow with premium red dot sight specifications, a 3.5-pound trigger pull and a draw weight of 150 pounds. Another crossbow for sale, the Simmons Rangefinder 600, features a 600-yard ranging performance, a weather-resistant design, 4X magnification and measures in yards and meters. It also includes a carrying case.

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