What Does a Production Director Do?


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Production directors manage all aspects of planning and scheduling programming for film, TV and radio. That includes recruiting, hiring and training staff and managing and coordinating their work schedules and work distribution. Moreover, they work with staff members to create programming goals and objectives.

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These overseers, who are also known as program directors, make sure media content meets community needs and matches viewer demographics. At the same time, they keep up to date on the latest Federal Communications Commission's rules and regulations, so that their media properties stay in compliance.

Production directors are responsible for preparing and managing production budgets, so they must be well versed in the latest accounting procedures and applicable finance-related laws. They must also be experienced with whatever specialized tools may be used at their place of employment; for example, at a radio station, these might be audio mixing consoles, audio signal processors and digital audio recorders.

They hire on-air talent, make casting decisions, make decisions about which songs get played on the radio stations they manage and coordinate announcers. They hold a job that requires constant contact with people, so they rely heavily on email and the phone as communication vehicles, in addition to the standard face-to-face meetings.

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