What Are Some Product Manufacturers That Moved Out of the United States?

Some product manufacturers that have moved out of the United States includes Eaton Corp., which specializes in producing electrical components, notes the Wall Street Journal, as well as Flambeau, KidCo and Flextronics America. Weatherford International is another company that relocated outside of the United States.

Weatherford International produces products used for drilling. In 2008, the company moved its operations from Texas to Switzerland.

Other manufacturing companies that moved out of country include Flambeau, a plastics producer. This United States based family company moved its operations to Mexico. KidCo, a company that produces children's' products, relocated to China, as stated by the New York Times.

Flextronics America, a Texas-based company, moved to Mexico as did Jabil. Joy Global also moved abroad. This company produces underground mining equipment.

Many large American companies have moved or plan to move their production business offshore to reduce labor and production costs, notes Manufacturing and Technology News. As these companies move abroad, they lay off hundreds to thousands of U.S. workers. In the past, companies began moving their operations to China due to low cost product in that country. As the United States began cutting ties with China concerning trade and business, many companies have began shifting their attention elsewhere. Mexico is one country where many businesses are relocating or looking to relocate.