What Does a Product Manager Do?


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A product manager is responsible for the strategic planning and development of a product line and must coordinate all aspects of product production. Product managers communicate with various company departments involved in product production and marketing, acting as a guide and consultant.

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A product manager is a skilled multitasking professional who maps out a successful plan for a product idea and meets company expectations for implementation. Project managers must tap into their knowledge and experience in areas of design, technology, sales, marketing and finance to be successful. They must also be good a communicating ideas and proposals to work teams. For instance, in the early stages of a product's life cycle, a product manager may need to provide constant input into design and development. This can involve working closely with the design team creating the product to help with troubleshooting, and identifying potential risks and obstacles pertaining to the product design.

After the product is created, the product manager discusses his marketing strategy with the sales and marketing teams. This part of the job involves conducting meetings to instruct the team about the benefits and features of the product. A product manager is often heavily involved in the launch of new products. When problems arise with product performance, the product manager must come up with viable solutions. Product managers sometimes communicate directly with consumers.

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