What Are Some Product Categories Stocked by Roses Discount Department Store?

Some of the product categories that Roses Discount Store stocks are produce, home goods, children toys, clothing, outdoors items and bedding, according to Variety Wholesalers Incorporated. Roses keeps its stores stocked with a variety of items and products that can differ from store to store.

Roses Discount Stores were greatly affected by Wal-Mart moving into their areas. This caused them to lose profitability and were later sold to Variety Wholesalers Incorporated. They rebranded the company and opened up new stores. Roses Discount Stores are mainly competing with off-price and discount items stores as of 2015, according to the Variety Wholesalers Incorporated website.

This rebranding has allowed Roses to offer a large list of categories that they stock in stores. It offers both hardline and softline merchandise which includes but is not limited to makeup, jewelry, furniture, snacks and sportswear, as noted by Variety Wholesalers. This puts it in the same category as stores like Kmart and Wal-Mart.

Roses Discount Stores also tried to branch out and open a grocery store that offered fresh produce, meat, and frozen goods. However, this store was closed due to Variety Wholesalers Incorporated deciding that it was not as profitable compared to its other grocery store chain, Save-A-Lot.