What Is a Producer's Job Description?


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Producers are responsible for the practical oversight of television or film projects from beginning to end. Their responsibilities include raising and distributing funds, reviewing scripts, assembling creative teams, ensuring adherence to applicable regulatory codes and post-production marketing.

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Producers typically are involved in all four phases of production, which include the developmental stage, pre-production, production and post-production. Producers must find ideas by seeking out any number of sources, such as magazines, novels, scripts and other films; then, they must obtain the legal rights to these ideas.

Once a producer has the rights to an idea, he hires writers, a director, actors and other creative team members. The producer works closely with writers in all phases of the script. After creating a budget, his next task is seeking private or business investors, such as MGM studios or FilmFour. Producers are also responsible for scheduling and must respond quickly to any scheduling conflicts that arise, which includes communicating with actors' agents. After shooting is wrapped, the producer oversees marketing, including actors' interviews and posters.

To fulfill their duties, producers must have adequate knowledge of health and safety codes that apply to production, effective communication skills, business and finance savvy, and the ability to self-motivate.

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