What Is Produced During Transcription?


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According to Capita Translation and Interpreting, transcription produces a transcript, which is a textual representation of an audio presentation. Whether the transcriber is a person or a machine, the transcription process involves converting speech into written or digital text.

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Transcription has a number of applications in legal, medical and business environments. In a legal environment, witness testimony and the attorneys' and judge's comments are converted to a textual transcript so that the court proceedings can be reviewed. Doctors transcribe notes about patient diagnoses and treatments, and make the transcripts part of their patients files. Business transcription typically involves board meetings, and it produces meeting transcripts that represent exact textual replications of spoken communications. Transcripts can also consist of summaries or translations of the proceedings.

Transcript formats vary. While some transcripts consist of blocks of text, others are organized to look like scripts, with each speaker's comments labeled with the speaker's name.

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