What Does a Produce Clerk Do?


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Produce clerks manage the stocking and merchandising roles in the produce department of a discount store or supermarket. Primary duties include stocking merchandise when it runs low, cleaning and watering fresh produce daily, checking for freshness, and throwing out perished items.

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The produce section in a store is typically set up in open displays. The clerk spends much of the day moving around the department and reorganizing food that has been handled. The clerk must be able to move 35 to 70 pounds of products from the storage room to the merchandise floor. A goal is to maintain quality visual appearance for each display. Clerks also have basic cleaning duties in their departments as well. They sweep the floors, throw out trash, and wipe down displays and shelving.

Sales and customer service are additional responsibilities of the produce clerk. This role is especially strong in a specialty store, where customers rely on the expertise of workers in each category. When customers enter the department, the clerk is typically responsible for greeting them and asking if they need anything. The clerk is expected to have basic knowledge about the food products. He should also know when new shipments of products arrive for customers who like to come in for the freshest produce.

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