What Does a Procurement Specialist Do?

Procurement specialists oversee order placement and manage vendor relationships. In some industries, they may also be charged with tracking overall spending and improving bidding processes. Other job duties of these professionals are purchase order creation, price negotiation, order tracking and management, and price dispute resolutions.

Procurement specialists, also known as purchasing or procurement managers and agents, can be found in various types of industries. A procurement specialist is responsible for obtaining the goods and services a business needs to function. The ultimate goal is to get quality services or goods at a price that meets an organization’s needs. If this is done is effectively, the spending efficiency and overall financial performance of the organization is enhanced.

Whereas the functions of a procurement specialist are generally comparable across different industries, the work environments may differ greatly. Some specialists work in an office, using a computer to analyze and order. Others, especially in the manufacturing and construction sectors, may have to travel and work outdoors.

The educational requirements for procurement specialists may vary by industry type and size. However, a Master’s degree may enhance career advancement and increase opportunities for related positions with bigger organizations. Acquiring additional skills in contract negotiation and purchasing can be beneficial.