How Do You Procure Used Store Mannequins?


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Procure used store mannequins by searching on the used section of retail display supply sites such as MannequinMadness.com, MannequinMode.com or DisplayImporter.com as well as on auction sites such as eBay, as of 2015. It is also possible to post a want ad in local classifieds sites expressing a need for the mannequins.

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MannequinMadness.com features a section that lists complete designer mannequins in various conditions along with a section that sells loose mannequin parts, such as arms and legs. Each entry in either section includes a picture of the mannequin, a description of its condition and its sale price. Designer mannequins also include the name of the designer from which it came.

The used section of MannequinMode.com is smaller than on other sites, as the company primarily sells and rents mannequins. Each entry on the site includes pictures, when it's available and the remaining stock.

DisplayImporter.com offers a full e-commerce shopping option for obtaining used complete mannequins and limbs. Product listings include a part number, description and price along with a section for any special sales or promotions. EBay contains varying inventory, as many of its listings come from private sellers and small businesses rather than manufacturers with a steady supply stream.

When posting a want ad on a classifieds site, include the quantity, style, gender and condition of the mannequins required along with contact information. Also check the For Sale section of the site in the event that some is already selling mannequins.

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