Is Procter & Gamble a Good Stock to Buy?


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Procter & Gamble is a top-notch investment due to their strong management history and clear-cut goals, according to The Cheat Sheet. Historically, the overall trend of Proctor & Gamble stock is that it has risen in value, but before making any investment it is important to understand the market trends as a whole and the overall risk factors involved in investing in the stock market.

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Proctor & Gamble is a very large corporation that sells consumer goods such as personal care products, pet foods and cleaning agents. The company started in 1837 and has seen a constant rise in popularity and sales, listing a total sales of around $83 billion in 2014.

The most important advantages associated with investing in Proctor & Gamble are that the company has historically utilized consistent innovation, they have a diverse list of products and in the past they have had excellent marketing which leads to great brand recognition, The Cheat Sheet website notes. Some disadvantages include high gas costs, they have shown weakness in European markets in the past and other companies use competitive pricing for similar products. With a history of steady rises in global sales, The Cheat Sheet says that Proctor & Gamble is a safe investment that may not necessarily have a huge profit margin but has a low risk of loss.

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