What Process Should Be Used to Create a Creative Business Name?


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The process for choosing a creative business name involves examining the type of business being named and the tendencies of the target demographic. Creative names can also employ literary techniques, such as similes and puns or references to pop culture in order to highlight key aspects of the business.

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Finding an effective and creative name for a business involves understanding the business itself and the habits of the ideal customers. For example, if the business is a used book store, a good creative name should take into account the fact that customers have an affinity for used items and books that are used rather an new or digital books.

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make when naming a business is becoming emotionally invested in the actual naming process. A good creative business name should be something that represents the business but is also easy for customers to remember and with which they can form a connection. For example, one may want to name a business after a family member who played a role in the initial formation of the business, but if the family member's name doesn't stand out or is difficult to pronounce, it doesn't make for a very effective name.

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