What Is the Process for Finding Federal Tax Identification Information?


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The best way to find a federal tax identification number for a business is to contact either the company itself or the Internal Revenue Service, according to The Law Dictionary. This number is also known as the Employer Identification Number and is used primarily for tax administration.

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A business entity can contact the Internal Revenue Service directly if it does not know its nine-digit, federal tax identification number, states The Law Dictionary. The IRS maintains a very accurate and up-to-date system known as EDGAR, which stands for Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval system. The EDGAR website is accessible by anyone. Searches are conducted by using a publicly-held company name, stock symbol or other identifying category.

There are four methods a business can use to apply for a taxpayer identification number, notes the Minority Business Development Agency. An authorized individual can call the toll-free IRS, send a fax, or apply online or by mail. The government limits the number of Employer Identification Numbers that can be obtained in one day due to the high volume of requests.

The owner of the identification number is required to file taxes and conduct business in the United States, states the IRS. The IRS also has a video portal containing audio and video presentations to help taxpayers with topics of tax interest to small businesses.

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