What Is the Process of Credit Card Registration?


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In their online credit card application processes, Santander Bank, U.S. Bank and Bank of America require applicants to first select from a range of credit cards and then provide details that include contact information, Social Security numbers, employment status, sources of income and country of citizenship, explain their websites. These issuers also require applicants to indicate their annual income and the amount of money that they spend on their monthly house payments, among other details.

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International students in the United States should first get Social Security numbers before applying for credit cards, advises International Student Loan. Having checking or savings accounts and a regular source of income can make it easier for credit card issuers to accept their applications. Where the possibility of qualifying for regular credit cards is low or nonexistent, international students should consider applying for secured credit cards, which require deposits on the credit line for security. They can be used to build credit histories in a similar way to regular credit cards.

In general, prospective credit card applicants should first build good credit histories as they are unlikely to qualify for regular credit cards without first fulfilling that requirement, warns Immihelp. Even where they meet that and other prerequisites, applicants should refrain from requesting for a large number of cards at once to avoid damaging their prospects. Such applications, which credit bureaus term "hard," can adversely affect credit scores. In contrast, "soft" solicitations, in which card issuers solicit potential clients, lack similar stigma.

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