What Is the Process of Completing a BJ's Credit Card Application?


BJ’s Wholesale Club lets its members instantly complete an application for one of its credit cards, either in-store or through its website. Members may apply for a BJ's Perks Plus card or a BJ's Perks Elite card.

To apply for a BJ's Wholesale Club credit card, members must click the Apply Today button on the club's website. Before beginning the actual application, though, members must also provide information about their membership, which is located on the back of their membership cards. This information includes the Membership ID, the member's first and last name, and the member's zip code. After entering this data, members must click the Continue button, and the site directs them to the actual card application.

Members must choose between a BJ's Perks Plus card and BJ's Perks Elite card. The Plus card costs $50 per year and offers cash back on in-club and online purchases as well as on gas, food and other credit card purchases, according to MasterCard. The card also provides a cash award after a member first uses it outside of BJ's, and it provides a discount off yearly club membership. As of 2015, the Elite card costs $100 and offers higher cash-back amounts on club purchases and a larger award when first used outside of BJ's. It also offers a larger membership discount.