What Is the Process for Changing the Title on a Mobile Home?


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The specific steps and requirements for changing the title on a mobile home vary between states, but most involve completing special forms that indicate the current and future registrants as well as the status of all state taxes on the home. Owners typically must also include the bill of sale and current title with the forms.

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Completing a title transfer on a mobile home involves a process similar to that of a vehicle title transfer in that the current owner of the home most assemble multiple documents to verify ownership and update all the appropriate governmental departments. One of the first steps in the process is to obtain proof that the owner has no outstanding taxes on the home, usually by requesting a certificate from the appropriate state or county taxation office. For example, California imposes a yearly registration tax that resembles that of a motor vehicle.

The seller then needs to collect all the relevant legal documents accompanying the sale of the home, including the bill of sale, the promissory note and proof of all payments. After both the buyer and the seller sign the appropriate legal documents, the owner submits the documents, taxation forms and the title transfer form to the appropriate registration department, along with a check for any processing fees.

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