What Is the Process of Applying for HUD Vash Apartments?

Veterans who want to apply for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing program, or HUD Vash, apartments should contact the Homeless Program at their local VA office. Alternatively, they can request a referral by a case manager in another VA or community program.

The HUD Vash program combines HUD Housing Choice Voucher rental help with VA treatment services for homeless veterans. The program focuses on helping the most vulnerable low-income veterans, such as disabled veterans, women veterans and veterans who have mental illnesses or problems with substance abuse. The program also helps veterans who have recently come back from combat zones. Eligible veterans must meet the criteria for homelessness as defined in the McKinney Homeless Assistance Act and the Homeless Emergency Assistance and Rapid Transit to Housing Act of 2009. Veterans approved for the program must agree to participate in supportive services, case management, treatment recommendations and other assistance to sustain housing and maintain recovery.

Once veterans apply for the program, the VA assesses eligibility according to HUD and VA guidelines. The HUD Vash program finds permanent housing for single veterans and those with families, but the veteran must live with his family to retain the housing. The local Public Housing Authority pays housing subsidies directly to landlords, and veterans pay the difference between the actual rent and the subsidized amount.