What Is the Procedure to Transfer a Deed to a Trust in California?


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To transfer a deed into trust in California, start by preparing a trust deed with the necessary information,explains SFGate. This information includes the name and address of the grantor, as well as a legal description of the property.

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When preparing your trust deed, you need to name the desired trust as the grantee. From there, you should prepare a Preliminary Change of Ownership Report, as this report is necessary to send to the county assessor to determine whether the transfer needs a property tax reassessment, SFGate reports.

The next thing you should do is notify the mortgage lender if the property is subject to a due-on-sale clause. This means that the mortgage balance is due to be paid in full before the property is transferred. You may need to obtain the consent of the lender before you transfer the property into the trust as to not trigger the clause. You may need to notify the insurance carrier of the transfer and direct the insurance carrier to name the trustee as an additional insured on the property insurance policy, says SFGate.

To finalize the deed, sign it before a notary public, and record the grant deed and the Preliminary Change of Ownership Report at your local county recorder’s office. The county recorder then forwards the report to the county assessor, SFGate explains.

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