What Is the Procedure for Sending an Inmate Money Using Maricopa's Touch Pay Direct System?

To send an inmate money using the Maricopa Touch Pay system, click the "Make Deposit" button on Maricopa's home page, sign into the portal or sign up for a new account and add money to the inmate's trust account. Users may also use the system to pay probation and parole fees, court-ordered payments and permits and parking fees, according to Touch Pay.

Those who do not have a Touch Pay account must register for one by clicking "Don't have a Touch Pay account? Click Here to get one today." The system sends a confirmation email to confirm registration, and the account must be activated to continue.

Those who have a Touch Pay account may follow these steps to send money to an inmate.

  1. Sign in
  2. Enter the username or email address associated with the account. Enter the password and click "Sign In."

  3. Make Deposit
  4. After signing in, click the blue "Make Deposit" button on the left side of the screen.

  5. Choose the state
  6. Using the drop down menu, choose the state in which the inmate lives.

  7. Select the facilityAfter choosing the state, select the facility from the drop down menu. Click "Next."
  8. Select the type of payment
  9. Choose from "Commissary" or "Self Release Bond." Click "Continue."

  10. Enter the inmate ID
  11. Enter the Inmate ID number. If the number is unknown, use the search tool located on the page.

  12. Enter payment information
  13. Enter the information requested on this page including credit or debit card information and billing address. Enter how much to send the inmate and click "Next."

  14. Confirm information
  15. Verify the information is correct and click "Submit." Funds post instantly, according to Touch Pay.