What Is the Procedure to Probate an Estate in Texas?


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The procedure to probate an estate in Texas involves filing an application, waiting 2 weeks, attending the hearing, issuing a notice to creditors and a conclusion reached by the court. The procedure can begin whether the deceased leaves a will or not, notes Ford Bergner LLP.

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The probate of an estate is a process in which a court of law formally recognizes the death of the estate owner and authorizes administration of the estate according to the laws of the land, notes Ford Bergner LLP. The following are the steps involved in this process.

  1. Fill an application to probate an estate
  2. To quickly initiate the process, select an attorney with a good reputation and some experience. The attorney will give advice and assist in submitting a formal application to the court of law.

  3. The waiting period
  4. The process is required by law to take 2 weeks from the application to the first hearing. During this period, the county clerk makes public the intention to probate the real estate.

  5. The probate case hearing
  6. The presence of the applicant's lawyer is required in a probate hearing. After the hearing, creditors receive a notice regarding the ongoing process and an inventory of the estate.

  7. Court conclusion
  8. After carefully gauging all sides of the case, the court of law makes its final ruling and gives details regarding the way forward.

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