What Is the Procedure for Making Curacao Online Payments?

procedure-making-curacao-online-payments Credit: gradyreese/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Cardholders can make payments on a Curacao department store credit card account by registering the account using the iCuracao.com website and entering financial information to process the payments. Payments are processed by ADIR Financial Services through the online account portal.

Clicking on the Register button at the top of the iCuracao website lets cardholders set up online account access. The registration form requires cardholders to enter the credit card account number, the ZIP code on the account, and the cardholder's name, birthday, contact phone number and email address. Clicking Continue takes cardholders to a screen where they can select a user name and password for online account access.

Using these account credentials to log in to the iCuracao website enables cardholders to pay bills online, check card balances, see recent transactions and update contact information. Clicking on the Pay Your Bill link takes cardholders to a payment page that requests financial information to process a payment through ADIR Financial Services. Payments made by 5 p.m. Pacific time on business weekdays are posted to the account the same day, while payments made after that cutoff are not processed until the next business day. Cardholders can verify that a payment has been made successfully by selecting the View Pending Payments link.