What Is the Procedure for Finding Your Green Dot Moneypak Balance Online?

As of March 2015, Green Dot MoneyPak customers can no longer purchase this prepaid card reload option. Previously purchased MoneyPaks can still be added to a prepaid card or to a PayPal balance, and customers can discover their balances by choosing these reload options on the official MoneyPak website.

Though Green Dot no longer offers MoneyPaks for purchase, the company's Reload @ the Register option performs the same function. Instead of entering a MoneyPak number at the website, customers give their prepaid cards to the cashier along with the cash they wish to load. The cashier then scans the prepaid card, and the balance updates to reflect the reload within 10 minutes.

A variety of retailers offer Green Dot Reload @ the Register service, including Walmart, CVS Pharmacy, Walgreens, Dollar General and Kroger. Customers can add between $20 and $500, subject to their prepaid card limits, at most retailers that offer this service for a fee of $4.95. However, many Walmart locations allow customers to reload up to $1,000 for a fee of $3.74.

Many prepaid card options accept Green Dot Reload @ the Register funding. Some of these cards include AccountNow, Rush Card, Green Dot, Walmart MoneyCard, READYdebit and Mio Money. Once customers have purchased a reload, they should always check their balances to ensure the funding has completed.