What Is the Procedure for Deleting Inquiries From a Credit Report?


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The procedure for deleting credit inquiries is to order recent credit reports and send letters to credit inquirers asking them to remove their inquiry, states Creditinfocenter.com. To remove the inquiries, the creditor must be challenged on their authority to pull the credit file.

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The first step to remove credit inquiries is to order a credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. After receiving the reports, find the addresses for each credit inquirer. The Experian report will list the addresses, but the other two agency reports will not. For creditors who's addresses do not show on the reports a call can be made to the credit bureau or to the creditor to obtain the address, explains Creditinfocenter.com.

Once all the addresses of the inquiring creditors has been obtained, the next step is to compose letters to each of the creditors. The letter makes reference to the laws stated in the Fair Credit Reporting Act. A form letter should be used for this purpose, such as the one at Creditinfocenter.com. If the creditor provides documentation that proves permission was given for the inquiry, this claim can be contested based on the nature of the consent forms. Also, if the creditor is still uncooperative, a complaint can be made to the State Banking Commission, according to Creditinfocenter.com.

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