What Are the Problems With Basement Apartment Rentals?

What Are the Problems With Basement Apartment Rentals?

Problems with renting a basement apartment include a lack of windows, low ceilings, potential bug problems, a lack of proper ventilation and not having enough light. Some basement apartments can also be noisy, depending on the upstairs residents and how the house was built.

While a basement apartment may have windows, they may not be full-sized windows that bring in a lot of light. Properly sized windows can also keep basement apartments from becoming stuffy in addition to cutting down on the potential for mildew and mold from excess moisture in the basement. Renters can buy a dehumidifier to remedy the problem. It's also a good idea for potential renters to have the apartment tested for mold before moving in.

Bugs are often more prevalent in the basement than any other room in the house. Bugs can carry germs and bacteria, which might require a person to seek out medical attention.

Tall individuals may take issue with the lack of ceiling space that basement apartments can have. Low ceilings can make an individual feel claustrophobic and result in accidents. Potential renters should be sure to walk around the apartment before renting it to ensure the ceilings are high enough and they feel comfortable.

Renters should also be sure a basement is suitable for being used as an apartment. An inspector can ensure codes have been adhered to for plumbing, gas lines, heat and wiring.