What Is a PRN Job?

A PRN job is a temporary position that can last anywhere from a single shift to 2 to 3 weeks and are usually for nurses, physicians, therapists and similar professions. PRN jobs are also commonly referred to as per diem jobs.

PRN job positions are a great way for new professionals to gain extra experience or add on shifts when they are not working their regular job, which is particularly pertinent to nurses. They also allow the professional to experience the work environment of a particular company or facility before agreeing to take a job there.

There are many advantages of the PRN job position, including working flexible hours whenever a professional wants, avoiding lead time or advance planning with immediate work, filling in gaps from extra shifts or in between jobs and finding work near home that requires little to no travel or relocation.

There are also many disadvantages to working as a PRN professional. Most PRN professionals do not have medical benefits through their PRN jobs and are also unable to get pension plans, paid time off or holiday pay. There is also no association with the facility, and it may be difficult to be accepted by the permanent staff on site.