How Do You Find Private Landlords Who Accept DSS?

To find private landlords who accept Department of Social Service payments, use your social network, do a local search of DSS landlords, check with the local council and use a DSS property search engine. A positive rental history helps to increase the chances of finding DSS housing.

Telling friends, relatives and others in your social network that you are looking for DSS landlords is a good way to begin your search. DSS landlords often prefer renting to people within their networks of colleagues, family and friends. Including a letter of recommendation from someone within the landlord’s social network can increase the chances of finding housing.

Next, contact the local government offices to ask for a list of registered DSS landlords. Contact letting agents or the landlords directly and submit an application. Another option is to sign up on any DSS property waiting list available at local government offices. Continue with your search meanwhile, because these waiting lists are often long due to the high demand for DSS housing.

Alternatively, use a trusted DSS property search engine to find local properties for which you may be eligible. Follow up on DSS property leads immediately, because available housing tends to come and go quickly.