How Do You Prioritize Your Work?

Prioritizing work should begin with making a list of tasks that must be accomplished, followed by assessing the tasks against the ability and time that are needed to accomplish them. While it can be hard to set priorities at work when everything seems urgent and demands never stop, but it can be done on both the macro and micro levels, according to Inc.

The first step to prioritizing at work is to make a list each day of the items that must be accomplished that day. Once all the possible tasks are listed, it becomes easy to separate out the urgent tasks that require immediate focus.

Each task on the priority list has its own value, and each person will have his or her own way to determine that value. Establishing rules as to how to value different tasks helps in setting priorities. Some people may, for instance, decide that tasks that benefit their customers have more value than tasks that benefit others in the office. Another area for assessment is that of the achievability of a given task. It is important to be realistic regarding whether a task can be done or whether it can be done within a specified time period.

It is also important to realize that priorities can change, even within the course of a day. Being flexible allows for dealing with truly urgent matters while keeping other priorities straight. In addition, sometimes it is vital to set aside tasks that simply take up too much time and prevent other priorities from being met; return to them once the other tasks are complete.