How Do You Get a Printing Quote?


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To get a printing quote, gather the pertinent details of the project, such as the quantity, size and the number of colors. If possible, include a description of the project, the type of paper and the type of binding. Put the information together into a document, and include the contact information and the desired delivery date. Email the document to one or more printing companies, and request a quote.

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To provide an accurate printing quote, a printer needs a wide variety of information. The more details you provide, the better. Work with your designer to determine the file types that you plan to deliver, and let the printer know whether or not to expect print-ready files. Consider including details about the print bleeds, folds and special inserts. Let the printer know how many pages are in the project, and specify the type of coating you want. If you need the printer to provide special services, such as shipping or shrink-wrapping, include this information in your quote request.

If you do not have all of the necessary information, or if you do not know how to communicate about paper weights and file types, you can meet with printers in person or on the phone to get a quote. Talk through the project, and allow the printer to ask questions to get the necessary project specs.

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