How Do You Find a Printable Form 1040EZ?


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Taxpayers are able to find a printable Form 1040EZ on the official website of the Internal Revenue Service, reports the IRS. Alternatively, they can find a printable Form 1040EZ on the Bankrate website, according to Bankrate.

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To find a printable Form 1040EZ on the IRS website, go to the left side of the main page and click on 1040EZ under Forms and Pubs, advises the IRS. To locate a Form 1040EZ on the Bankrate website, go to the main page, select Taxes in the tool bar at the top, click on More Tax Forms under Tax Forms, and select Form 1040EZ from the table of tax forms, reports Bankrate. The Form 1040EZ is the shortest and simplest type of individual tax form.

To be able to use Form 1040EZ, taxpayers must be single or married filing jointly with no claimed dependents, according to the IRS. Taxpayers and their spouses must also be under 65 and not legally blind during the previous tax year. Their taxable income must be less than $100,000 as of 2015 and derived only from wages and salaries, taxable grants, tips, unemployment benefits, and Alaska Permanent Fund benefits. Total taxable interest must be $1,500 or less.

Taxpayers using Form 1040EZ cannot be debtors in chapter 11 bankruptcy cases or owe employment taxes on household employee wages, advises the IRS. They cannot claim adjustments to income or itemize deductions and can claim no credits except the earned income credit.

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