What Is a Printable Eviction Notice?

A printable eviction notice is a document created online then printed that notifies a tenant of his need to evacuate by a specific date. An eviction notice is a legally binding document and is used as the first step in evicting a tenant who has violated the rules of a lease or rental contract as stated on the Form Swift website.

Websites such as Form Swift, Law Depot and Legal Nature all provide printable eviction notices that can be customized by state, purpose or other details. Legal Nature allows users to select their state before following the step-by-step guide to creating the eviction notice. The documents can be downloaded or printed directly from the site.

The options on the Law Depot site include a notice to quit, which is a tenant eviction notice; a notice to pay rent, which has the option of eviction if not paid by the specified date; a notice of lease violation, which requires the tenant to remedy the problem or face eviction; a notice of termination, which informs the tenant that the lease is not being renewed; and a notice to increase rent, which informs the tenant of an increase in the current rate. With just a few simple questions, any of the documents on the site can be created and ready for download or print in minutes.

Users can create an eviction notice online at the Form Swift website by selecting their state. The documents are legally binding and available for all 50 states as stated on the Form Swift website. Once the document is created, it can be downloaded, exported to PDF or Word format or printed directly from the site.