How Do You Print Wisconsin Income Tax Forms?


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Print fill-in forms for individual income taxes by first selecting the form you want from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, explains its website. Print the form completely blank, or fill in numbers in certain fields before clicking the Print button at the top of the virtual form.

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Click on a specific field on the form with your mouse, says the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Use the Tab key to navigate to the next fill-in field, or use Shift plus Tab to go to the previous field. The space bar or a mouse click fills in a check box. Click the Print button at the top of the form once you finish filling it in, and select the printer you want from a menu in the printer window. Click the Print button again, and the document should print at the chosen printer.

Every form requires Adobe Reader in order to print properly, notes the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. Some fill-in forms need Adobe Reader version seven. Other forms, such as the ones for estimated tax, need version nine of the software. Once you print the form, press the Clear button to fill in different information or to clear your numbers on a shared computer. Sign and mail the form if you wish to use these printed forms as an official income tax return,

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