How Do You Print Vouchers?


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The process for printing coupons and vouchers varies depending on the source and the operating system of the computer, though in most cases you need to open the voucher file and select the Print option from the File menu. Some vouchers may require the use of special programs to view, which carry separate printing requirements.

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How Do You Print Vouchers?
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To print a voucher saved locally on your computer, double-click on the file to open in it the default program for handling its type. This may be default image viewing software, such as Preview on Macs or Photo Viewer on PCs, or a third party image editing program. In all cases, make sure that the voucher displays completely and correctly on the screen before clicking on the File menu and accessing the Print option. On this page, choose settings and optional features for the print job, including changing it to print only in black and white or to print multiple copies.

Choose the printer that you wish to handle the job. If you are printing the voucher through an online service, such as Coupons.com, you must first download its print management software. This type of program controls the number of times you may print the voucher, with each program containing different compatibility requirements.

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