How Do You Print Out a Tax Statement?

How Do You Print Out a Tax Statement?

Tax preparation programs such H&R Block's desktop software and Intuit's Turbo Tax allow users to print out copies of their tax returns, according to their respective websites. Registered users can accomplish the same goal at tax preparation sites such as and The Internal Revenue Service provides copies and transcripts of tax returns on request, states its website.

To print out a return using Turbo Tax, run the program, select and open the desired document, click on the File tab, choose Print, and click Preview Print Copy in the pop-up that appears, which causes the file to open in a PDF program, explains Intuit. You can then print the document.

To use Turbo Tax Online, log in and click Taxes. On the My Tax Timeline screen, navigate to the Some Things You Can Do section, select the desired tax year, and click on Download/Print Return, instructs Intuit. Print the return after opening it in a PDF program.

To print returns on, log in to your account, click on the Account Top link, select a desired year by clicking the relevant View button, choose the return you want to print, and then click View, states the website.

It is possible to obtain copies and transcripts of returns from the IRS by mail, phone or via the Internet, notes its website. To request these documents by phone, call 800-908-9946 and follow the prompts, or obtain them online using the Order A Transcript tool on the IRS website. To receive transcripts by mail, send request forms to the IRS.