How Do You Print an Online Wage Statement From Staffmark?

How Do You Print an Online Wage Statement From Staffmark?

Access and print online wage statements from Staffmark by going to the MyStaffmark website, logging in with your email and password, then choosing the Wage Statements and W2s option. To get started, you need to first register at the MyStaffmark website.

If you are a first-time user at Staffmark, click on the Click Here To Sign Up button on the MyStaffmark website to create an online account. You need to fill in your Social Security number, last name and email, create a password, and come up with security questions. Contact the Applicant and Employee Support Line at 855-801-8451 if there are problems with this step.

Once your username is set up in the MyStaffmark system, you can log in to the MyStaffmark website with your email and password. The MyStaffmark website offers options including searching available positions, updating your availability, updating your personal information, accessing employee resources, and accessing wage statements and W-2's. Wage statements are available for any time period, and W-2's for the previous year are available by January 31 of the current year.

To access copies of pay stubs for checks dated November 2013 or later, click on the Wage Statements and W2s option on MyStaffmark, then select a check date from the drop-down menu. Click on the Download Check link to get a copy of the check and print it on your computer.

For checks dated earlier than November 2013, after clicking on the Wage Statements and W2s on MyStaffmark, click on a link to go to your Skylight account. You can log in there by entering your Social Security number and password, and then selecting the desired pay stub.