How Do You Print Forms From the Internal Revenue Service?

You can print forms from the Internal Revenue Service by going to its official website,, and searching the Forms and Publications page for the form you want to print. Click on the link to the form to download it to your computer, or print it directly from the website.

There are a number of tax forms available at the website of the IRS, including current year and past year forms. You can use the search option, which allows you to search for any type of form you need by the name or the form number itself.

The IRS website has forms for personal income tax filing, corporate income tax filing and payroll taxes. Most of the forms available are fillable, meaning you can fill in your information directly on the website. Forms come with instructions that are also downloadable and printable. Additionally, the IRS offers a number of different publications surrounding a variety of tax topics and rules that are available directly through the IRS website.

The IRS website provides a variety of file formats for people who have disabilities that cause them to need assistive technology, such as voice recognition software, screen reading software and refreshable Braille displays.