How Do You Print a Free Family Budget Worksheet?

How Do You Print a Free Family Budget Worksheet?

A free family budget worksheet, such as the one on the Kiplinger website, can be printed by clicking on the small printer icon near the top of the page just below the icon and the page will start printing on any connected computer. Alternatively, the worksheet can be downloaded to a computer in Microsoft Word format and then printed out on a printer connected to a computer. This worksheet can be used to keep track of a family budget so spending and savings goals can be reached, notes Kiplinger.

The Kiplinger free household budget worksheet features an intuitive display which can be edited and one that automatically computes all the entries entered in to the fields. While the entries represent basic income and expenses, they can be edited to be more user specific, according to Kiplinger. For example, expenses for specific hobbies may be added to the entries, while others may be deleted.

The following shows how to print a free family budget worksheet using the worksheet on

  1. Go to the Kiplinger website
  2. Go to the Kiplingerwebsite. Make sure that the device being used is connected to a printer if the worksheet is to be printed immediately.

  3. Navigate to the household budget worksheet
  4. The household budget worksheet is located on the "Spending" menu on the website. The search feature may also be used to search for the worksheet.

  5. Enter and edit information
  6. Enter the the data in the required fields. Add, delete or edit entries to modify the worksheet if preferred.

  7. Print
  8. Click on the "Print" icon near the top of the page to begin printing, or download the file to a computer, make further modifications if necessary and then print out using a connected printer.